Our calling as Detective Agency.

Private detectives provide evidence to help attain your rights.

A detective or private detective (in Germany and Austria) is a private investigator who documents findings and information gained by gathering evidence and/or makeshift evidence through observations, investigations and inquiries, particularly collating evidence suitable for court proceedings.

Entrepreneurs, tradesmen, self-employed workers and lawyers prefer to use detective agencies specialised in investigations and observations of the commercial sector. These include employee and competition issues including investigations of employee misconduct regarding working hours, loyalty, wage continuation, illegal employment and more – labour law related violations.

Detective agencies investigate more and more often property right violations or perform forensic investigations with regard to computer crime. In the course of further increase of industrial espionage some detective agencies have also specialised in bug-sweeping (technical surveillance counter-measures).

Private clients mainly use private detectives for investigations and observations of disputes by civil law like partnership disputes, unfaithfulness, custody and alimony proceedings as well as inheritance or other family law related disputes. We offer you certainty that, in all areas mentioned, your concern will be handled professionally and an optimal solution will be found.

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